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The Religion Game

Posted By admin on October 5, 2009

I have been mulling over a thought for the past two weeks after reading the excerpt from C.C. Abt’s Serious Games in which he writes about the origins of games. In it he mentions that “political and social situations can often be viewed as games” — including religion. Being raised Roman Catholic; I have never considered being Catholic a game. However, while digesting the readings in this module, I have come to realize that my faith has many game-like qualities.


A Brilliant Use of Twitter

Posted By admin on October 4, 2009


How Short is Google’s Memory?

Posted By admin on October 3, 2009

Google’s memory is apparently 18 months long, according to an interview on NPR.* Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke with host Robert Siegel about Google searches.

“The information is not available to anybody unless it’s under a court order,” Schmidt said.
“We use it in anonymous form internally and then after about 18 months we forget it entirely.”

*Odd text treatment in this sentence is in response to an assignment for 501a to demonstrate grasp of html.

It’s all a Game

Posted By admin on September 28, 2009

I am a gamer. It has taken me a while to be comfortable with admitting that, but after years of playing the online game Puzzle Pirates, I now can embrace this label.

As I mentioned before in this blog, Puzzle Pirates is great because it is very social. I have friends that I hang out with when I am on game, as well as a long list “hearties”, or what you might call “friends”, who invite me to take part in things they are doing in game.

You can own shoppes, ships, houses, clothes, pets. The list goes on. One of the greatest rewards in game is winning a familiar which your character can wear on his or her shoulder.


Social Media and Reporting

Posted By admin on September 25, 2009

While reading my email I came across a teaser on an article in PRWeek. The article (which requires a password to access) features some early data from a study conducted by Middleberg Communications and the Society for New Communications Research (a Google search gave me access to the complete article, but asks for a password when linked.)

This study, which will be completed and released by early November, found that “70% of journalists said they use social networks to assist in reporting, compared to 41% in last year’s ‘Survey of Media in the Wired World.’”

The survey is being conducted online for a few more weeks, according to PRWeek, with final results scheduled to be released at the SNCR Research Symposium & Awards Gala.

Is Television Dying?

Posted By admin on September 21, 2009

Anyone watching the Emmy Awards on Sunday night might have sensed a change in the climate of the television industry. From the beginning to the end, host Neil Patrick Harris and others made references to the decline of network television in this internet age. That makes one wonder, is broadcast television on the brink of becoming extinct?


Not Immediately Delicious

Posted By admin on September 19, 2009

So, I poked around Delicious a little bit tonight and will admit I wasn’t really taken with the site. I know that one coworker uses it to promote his stuff, but I hadn’t really looked at it until tonight. Partly because I don’t like the name – Delicious. Seriously. Could someone have come up with a worse name for a website? (This is rhetorical… since I know they can and have!)

The site I added was something to analyze your Twitter followers. Recently at work we were looking for something that would give us the demographics of our Twitter followers. How ideal I came across a mention on Mashable about the Beta site Follerme actually does a fairly nice job of compiling the information. I added that to my Delicious account (I think correctly.)

As for Delicious, will I play again? I doubt it. But at least now I know a little more about the site.

The Veil of the Internet

Posted By admin on September 15, 2009

In reading my classmate’s blog post “Facebook, a Tool for Mass Communication” I started to think about the things that I have learned since I have been working and playing on the internet.

1) People cannot spell- It amazes me some misspellings that I have seen on the internet from reputable sites or even my friends on Facebook.  Granted, I have been known to have a typo or two occasionally, but sometimes it is just painful to read the posts.


A Random Blog Response

Posted By admin on September 12, 2009

As part of the coursework for this next module in 501a we have to post a comment on a blog outside of the class blogs.  My guess is it is to make us comfortable using our “voice” out in the blogosphere, but I could be wrong.  I am sure my professor will explain this exercise in class on Wednesday.

In searching for “the best iPod Touch/iPhone apps” I came across a blog that had a pretty relevant list to this coursework.  I thought that was a perfect place to make a comment since I did appreciate the list.  I don’t think I would have come across them any other way.

Many of the apps are a little pricey for me right now, though I can see how some would be useful.  A couple that had “lite” free versions I did download to give a try. At least one I plan on discussing with my boss on Monday.

The list is posted on a site called the Web Designer Ledger that had a list of “15 Best iPhone Applications for Web Designers.” My comment is still awaiting moderation, so hopefully it will be there soon.

My New Toy

Posted By admin on September 11, 2009

There really isn’t anything more fun — technologically speaking — than a new gadget.  Today I received my new MacBook Pro.  I really can’t wait to be able to play with it.

I was able to get it set up during a break at work to access the internet and sync the iPod Touch that came with the computer. The fun will begin when I take it home… if homework allows.  I still need to read the assignment for my 502a Visual Aesthetics class for tomorrow morning. Nothing like cutting it close.

I chose to get the anti-glare screen and boy am I happy I did.  We have the glossy on the laptop we bought for work and it really sometimes seems like you are looking into a mirror.  I chose the 17″ since the computer I have at home is a 12″ notebook PC.  I figure doing the projects in Photoshop will be a little easier when I can see what I am doing.

This is my first Mac.  My friends who have Macs swear by them — the ease of use and the functionality.  I hear using them is intuitive.  Let’s hope so.

Anyone with any tips or shortcuts, please let me know.