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Hey June, How’d You Make That?

Posted By admin on November 3, 2009

I am going to expand a little on our users’ needs for the website project.  The World Through My Eyes has posted about some of the needs that we, along with my teammate WellComm, had discussed this weekend.  It seems that there are even more user needs to consider, and I will now attempt to respond to the questions raised in Professor Halavais’ latest blog post.

I envision that the largest base of users for our website would be mothers who catch the morning programs while getting their kids out the door for school or stay at home moms who watch Regis and Kelly as part of their morning routine.   These are the same moms looking for creative and healthy things to do with their kids.  Let’s call the stay at home mom June.  June needs to bring cupcakes to her kids class for a birthday this week.  She doesn’t want to just bring regular cupcakes. That morning she is watching the Today Show and sees the Snacktivator making Panda Mini Cupcakes.  She picks up a pen and jots down the website information.  Later that morning she heads there for more information.  Once on the website she finds that we have a printable shopping list for each recipe and suggested ways to make things healthy.  She also sees that we encourage kids involvement.  Great!  She can have little Jimmy and Sue help with the cupcake project.  Also, since the school discourages nut products, she will use m and m’s instead of peanuts for eyes.  She got that tip from the snacktivator.

That night June and her two kids make the cupcakes.  Wow, was that a blast.  And they are tasty!  As she carries them into class other mothers dropping of their kids see the treats.  “How did you make those” asks Kimberly’s mom Karen.  “I found this recipe on “” and it was easy enough for Jimmy and Sue help,” June says.  Later that day at work, busy mom Karen Googles snactivity and finds our website pop up as the top in the search engine.  She is impressed by the 30-minutes or less recipes, the healthy ingredients used, and the clever and fun snacks.  She too prints out a shopping list for some snack she and Kimberly will prepare over the weekend, which is supposed to be rainy.

Generally I think we are going to gear this site towards moms.  Other adults with kids will find projects here too but since the Snactivator, Deb, is a Mom, I think the’s fan base will be other mothers.  We are planning to make this website also accessible and interesting for older children to navigate as well, perhaps planning for a Mother’s Day surprise breakfast/snack for mom.

Hopefully we will get the word out as moms use these snacks at parties and for school treats.  With our Snacktivator doing a publicity tour once the site launches, we will get the word out.  Hopefully she will be asked back for other appearances throughout the year, hopefully gaining a following online.  We will hopefully add a facebook page where Deb can answer people’s questions and people can hopefully post images of the snacks that they created from our recipes. Please read this blog post for more of our thoughts on how our website will meet user needs.

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