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A New Way of Thinking

Posted By admin on October 30, 2009

When I started this journey for a master’s degree I had some doubts about whether I would enjoy being back in school. I loved college the first time around, but working full time and going to school? That is a whole different animal.

I am thankful I decided to only take two courses (I was considering three). With the reading for 501 and the hands on assignments for 502, anything more would have been a struggle (for me).

But I will admit I love being back in school!  It is extremely fun for me to discuss my 501 project with my partners or even talk about 502 homework while waiting for the 501 class to start!  It is interesting hearing what people are saying about professors and classes, and actually caring since I will be taking these courses in the near future.

officeAlso surprising is how I am beginning to look at the world differently. From my office I can see a pretty busy street in New Haven.  This morning I saw a van pass by (not in this picture) and I thought “What a lovely font they have for their logo.”  Where did that come from?!?!  One week ago I couldn’t tell a serif from a sans-serif (thinks Ally and Jess!) I am now realizing I am living what I am learning.  And, the more I learn, the more I will see things in my everyday life that can be influences on my future work.

When I first listened to Professor Halavais’ lecture in which he mentions to keep a record somewhere of inspirational articles, designs, buildings, etc., I wondered, “why?”.  Now I think I am getting why.  I think I will consider this my first “ah ha!” moment.  Had I had a camera handy, I might have snapped a picture of that great font!

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