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One Step Closer

Posted By admin on October 27, 2009

My teammates – The World Through My Eyes and Well Comm – spent several hours Saturday discussing the benchmark assignment for our project. It was a rather interesting meeting as we worked through the tools that Professor Halavais suggested to use in his blog post.

Some of the competitive research sites did not seem appropriate for our site since initially we don’t expect to pull in any revenue. Perhaps down the road if we get a sponsor, but money-making is not the purpose of our site.

We tried to use many of the sites, but some were bears to figure out. Finally we landed upon and were pleased with the information AND the results that were generated about traffic to the site. was also very helpful in determining links to the site, bookmarks, traffic rank, and inbound links.

One site that we initially thought helpful until we realized that they just regurgitated the results from our google search was I am not sure if our search results were typical, but for us this site ended up not being useful.

This exercise was very interesting to determine different tools out there that help determine the competitors for your website concept. I definitely have a couple more tools added to my arsenal.

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