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Fun With Food

Posted By admin on October 14, 2009

My esteemed classmate Well Comm posted the abstract of our final project for 501a on his blog. We will be working with The World Through My Eyes. As you can read on Well Comm’s site, the website we are proposing is It is a sister-site to How cute is this family???

I am excited to get this project underway and continuing it in 505 next semester. I think we could possibly have a nice “mom” series in the works. :)

I have a 5 month old nephew and I could imaging doing many of these snacktivities with him when he gets a little older. Growing up my family used to spend time baking for the holidays or special occasions (one time we made and frosted hundreds of Italian cookies for my uncle’s wedding. I was 7.) When my maternal grandmother was alive I would go with her to the church to help make pierogis with the women’s group. Those are bonding experiences I remember fondly.

So, creating a site which encourages parents to spend time with their children while creating something yummy is wonderful! Even better, these will be healthy snacks for kids.

I look forward to seeing where this project leads.

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