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How Short is Google’s Memory?

Posted By admin on October 3, 2009

Google’s memory is apparently 18 months long, according to an interview on NPR.* Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke with host Robert Siegel about Google searches.

“The information is not available to anybody unless it’s under a court order,” Schmidt said.
“We use it in anonymous form internally and then after about 18 months we forget it entirely.”

*Odd text treatment in this sentence is in response to an assignment for 501a to demonstrate grasp of html.

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One Response to “How Short is Google’s Memory?”

  1. Twunked says:

    I heard the same interview, and I must say, it didn’t make me feel any better about Google’s data mining capabilities. They WILL give up someone’s searches with a court order, even if they try to fight it first. Our civil liberties are still being eroded in the name of security. Oh, how TJ would weep…

    I appreciated his discussion about why Google is in China, though. I didn’t realize that they do tell people “The government bars us from giving you this information,” and I thought his point about how that act affects the political culture and understanding was a good one.