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It’s all a Game

Posted By admin on September 28, 2009

I am a gamer. It has taken me a while to be comfortable with admitting that, but after years of playing the online game Puzzle Pirates, I now can embrace this label.

As I mentioned before in this blog, Puzzle Pirates is great because it is very social. I have friends that I hang out with when I am on game, as well as a long list “hearties”, or what you might call “friends”, who invite me to take part in things they are doing in game.

You can own shoppes, ships, houses, clothes, pets. The list goes on. One of the greatest rewards in game is winning a familiar which your character can wear on his or her shoulder.

When I first tried Puzzle Pirates I didn’t “get” it. Back then you could only play one month before you had to pay. Now they have changed its structure a little bit to allow play of some areas for free, but you need to subscribe to get to do some other neat things like navigate a ship or go on Sea Monster hunts.

Three Rings, who developed Puzzle Pirates, implemented a doubloon system. On the Green oceans, you pay monthly for tokens that you use to purchase badges in order to open up the special features. I personally prefer the Blue oceans Sub Oceans, Midnight in particular.

While my online game addiction is new, I have always played board games in my family growing up. From Monopoly to Clue to Scrabble or Life, I have fond memories of playing games. Most recently I have taken it upon myself to buy a new game to play every Christmas with my extended family. Sometimes we might play an older game that was a hit if nothing interests me enough to purchase it. Playing games with my family is so much better than sitting around a television. Games let you socialize, laugh and just appreciate the great people you are related to.

For this assignment we had to evaluate two games that are new to us. I chose Sally’s Spa and iFishing. Listen to my thoughts on these two games.

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