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Not Immediately Delicious

Posted By admin on September 19, 2009

So, I poked around Delicious a little bit tonight and will admit I wasn’t really taken with the site. I know that one coworker uses it to promote his stuff, but I hadn’t really looked at it until tonight. Partly because I don’t like the name – Delicious. Seriously. Could someone have come up with a worse name for a website? (This is rhetorical… since I know they can and have!)

The site I added was something to analyze your Twitter followers. Recently at work we were looking for something that would give us the demographics of our Twitter followers. How ideal I came across a mention on Mashable about the Beta site Follerme actually does a fairly nice job of compiling the information. I added that to my Delicious account (I think correctly.)

As for Delicious, will I play again? I doubt it. But at least now I know a little more about the site.

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3 Responses to “Not Immediately Delicious”

  1. Mohammed says:

    Your opinion is very interesting. You remind me of my older sister, when she doesn’t like the name of anything, she ignores it completely, and never tries even to try it. I like your point of view and I totally respect it. However, I haven’t been there yet. I can’t wait to try it.

  2. admin says:

    Well, Delicious reminds me a lot of Stumbleupon, which I prefer. I do a lot of browsing on the web via news sites, and much of what I have seen on Delicious that I would be interested in, I already viewed. While some of the local news clips are compelling, at some point you have to say enough is enough. Keeping up with my local news and national news is plenty for me. So, while I am sure there is some value to what is posted there, it would take too long to hunt for it myself. Now, I just read Professor Halavais’s post about Delicious and am rethinking my stance on the value. I guess if I come across a clip that I find interesting that I might want to refer to later for some reason, that would be a good area to house it. It is nice that you can give it descriptions so that you understand why you saved the clip. Sometimes with my bookmarks I wonder… Why is that here… and delete it and remember later why I had saved it. Your sister sounds lovely!! :D

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