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A New Way of Thinking

admin | October 30, 2009

When I started this journey for a master’s degree I had some doubts about whether I would enjoy being back in school. I loved college the first time around, but working full time and going to school? That is a whole different animal.
I am thankful I decided to only take two courses (I was [...]

One Step Closer

admin | October 27, 2009

My teammates – The World Through My Eyes and Well Comm – spent several hours Saturday discussing the benchmark assignment for our project. It was a rather interesting meeting as we worked through the tools that Professor Halavais suggested to use in his blog post.
Some of the competitive research sites did not seem appropriate [...]

The Political Power of the Internet

admin | October 19, 2009

“Were it not for the Internet, Barack Obama would not be president. Were it not for the Internet, Barack Obama would not have been the nominee,” said Arianna Huffington, editor in chief of The Huffington Post.
While Barack Obama’s campaign for the Presidency of the United States may not have been the first time the Internet [...]

Fun With Food

admin | October 14, 2009

My esteemed classmate Well Comm posted the abstract of our final project for 501a on his blog. We will be working with The World Through My Eyes. As you can read on Well Comm’s site, the website we are proposing is It is a sister-site to How cute is [...]

My Second Life Experience

admin | October 7, 2009

Meeting in Second Life was more interested than I expected. The scavenger hunt was a good way to get acclimated to the game. Much more so than when I logged on to create my character and to make my way to the meeting spot.
My partners for this were Wellcomm and m8rxgrl. It [...]

A Nice Resource

admin | October 7, 2009

Since we are all going to begin working on our website proposals in this class and if you are in 502a for Visual Aesthetics, I thought I would share this nice little website I found for creating sitemaps and flowcharts.
It is called SlickPlan. This free site actually makes planning out a website [...]

The Religion Game

admin | October 5, 2009

I have been mulling over a thought for the past two weeks after reading the excerpt from C.C. Abt’s Serious Games in which he writes about the origins of games. In it he mentions that “political and social situations can often be viewed as games” — including religion. Being raised Roman Catholic; I [...]

A Brilliant Use of Twitter

admin | October 4, 2009

How Short is Google’s Memory?

admin | October 3, 2009

Google’s memory is apparently 18 months long, according to an interview on NPR.* Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke with host Robert Siegel about Google searches.
“The information is not available to anybody unless it’s under a court order,” Schmidt said.
“We use it in anonymous form internally and then after about 18 months we forget [...]